XF 1.5 Rewrite Rules for DBSEO to XenForo


Hello All,

I was wondering if someone could please help us with the Rewrite Rules for XenForo to allow all our old VB links to work. They were using DBSEO, and the thread structure was like:


I understand there's not much I can do with the physical forum URL's as they do not contain Forum ID. As such I was going to setup manual redirects; but as the thread URL's match perfectly from the Import I was hoping I could at least pull them off.

Thank you in advanced :)


Cheers Mike,

I've tired that one and no luck. All the pages get redirected into XenForo which then presents:

XenForo- Error
The requested page could not be found.

Bit lost on what to do :(


Hello Mike :)

I ended up at:

Where's in XenForo it is:

100% the ID's are maintained :)
It looks like it just completely ignored it :( But in general the Re-write rules are working as the built in ones in XenForo are working. I've checked the Web Server and the new ones are 100% imported and loaded.

Much appreciated
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Ignore me, I found the Solution! :D

It was the other rules which came in the XenForo default htaccess which was causing the issue, I put this one to the top of the order and the redirects started working :)
Note for anyone else using IIS :)