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Hey all,

I see @******* 's credit system and wanted to know if there's anything else like it.

Also, ******* (or anyone who uses it) is this possible:

1. use credits for upgrades?
can a user trade points in to upgrade their membership to one of my "upgrade" accounts, instead of paying? and can it be a recurring trade in? so if they trade in 1000 points to go "ads free" for a year, can it be done automatically each year? or will it simply expire and they can do it again?

2. get points for featured threads?
can a user get points/credits each time they get a thread featured using Brogan's Featured thread addon?

3. trade in for gifts:
user has x amount of credits and is able to trade them in for a reward? so I'll have a page of things that people can trade their points in, for example, i might put a few $50 gift cards on there at a price of 5000 points - then users can trade their 5k points for a gift card.

4. trade points in for paypal money?
can a user trade their points in and request to "get paid?" - with admin approval, of course, no automatic payments as that could be a huge nightmare for someones bank!

thanks all!


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Eh...I don't want to have to buy a second and third addon to make the first addon work as needed if ya know what I'm sayin.

Then upgrades every six months.That's gonna run more than the cost of an XF license after the first upgrade on just one of the three.

I'm Better off skipping those prizes and upgrades for now. Thanks.
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We have *******'s credits add-on but we'd like to move it under Trophy Points in the list of features under the user's card. Does anyone know how would we do that?

This is what the user card has:

Likes Rec'd
Trophy Points

Any help would be great! Thank you!