Forums now on Xenforo!


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Congratulations on moving over to xF. :)

Something I noticed right away was that your logo is VERY difficult to see against that background when using the default "drift" theme. But, on the positive I'm a fan of that theme. Looks like you have lots of options for your members as far as themes.

Good luck with the community! :D


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Thanks Arny. Are you talking about the banner? I'm probably going to disable that because for some reason I can't see doesn't show up for me for some reason....i'm actually working with Mike to find out why that is but I think I might just disable that banner. :)


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Forum has been hacked/compromised. This was most likely due to a plugin we had installed but we are uncertain of the culprit. That being said, we will be starting from scratch, as much as it pains all of us to do so. We feel it's the safest route. This gives us a chance to also re-design our main site instead of using wordpress we will be using the Xenporta add-on to power our main homepage for a more fully-integrated feel. :)


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Sorry you were compromised - the screen shot looks great! Good luck on the rebuild can't wait to see the new version!