Review microdata for some posts


Hi! I want to do this:
- alter posts table, add a few columns (flag like isReview, reviewAuthorName, reviewDate and so on...
- declare new template variables so i can use when render the thread posts. Marked posts will be enclosed with specific itemprop.

I can set the "flag" in posts table manually at first, until i have time to to some control displayed directly on posts when i'm logged in as admin, so i can easily mark a post as "review".

OR, not altering the posts table, create a new table related to post id, with all other details, but then i need to join that table in select statement, wich i would avoid.

OR creating a new class with a function that will check if the post is a review and get the data. But this function would then be executed for each post.

Can you help me with a best way to achieve this?

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