Returning to a Private Conversation After leaving

Hey there... Im new to the XenForo community... I'm used to vB ...

anyway I like how xenforo treats private conversations , however , there seems to be some issues.

I'm not a forum owner, rather a user.

I was engaged in a conversation that had a lot of replies. I "left" the conversation in order to stop receiving emails about every reply, as there is currently no way to turn it off in the user control settings.

when I left I realized I accidentally hit the leave never to return option. And now I can't get back in even if I where reinvited .

so now everybody loses as the person who left can not contribute any more to the convo.

if I am missing something let me know... If not I would like to see a couple of changes in the next vers of xenforo.



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Under your contact details - hover over your name, and a drop down list will appear:

Receive email when a new conversation message is received

I've not tested that recently, but I assume that unchecking that box should suppress the email notifications for new entries in private conversation entries.