Retrieving Registered Members information

Hey all,
I know this may be a question that could have a basic answer but at the moment I can't find it.

I am trying to find out how/what code I need to get how many registered members we have.

What I am looking at doing (and I know its hard when you compare a non-xF site with xF code) is similar to this: where near the top it has 151,677 Infected Strong.

I am looking at doing the same with the code in my black header (so need the text etc to be white) where it grabs just the number so I can have on my site: {number} Victims so far... where it would automatically update with each new registrant.

I also need to know where to put the code.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
A template hook can be used to insert content at a specific point on the page. Here is a code example of a template hook:

For your purposes you can use the "header_logo" hook which will insert your content into the header area.

Then you need to write the code to query the member count and append the result to the $contents of the hook.

If you are not a programmer then you can post a request: