Implemented Retina images for avatars

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How many peopel use 5k ? ;)

It's not just 5k, it's retina screens in general. Almost every new smartphone and tablet uses a retina screen these days, and therefore should be taking advantage of high resolution images.

Even on my iPhone 6S Plus, if I go to a site with non-retina images it's easy to tell how unpolished they look. Re-load that same site with retina images, and it looks sooooo much cleaner. So, it's not just on a 5K iMac, this happens on any screen which takes advantage of a very high pixel density.


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But, the images would be bigger, its not also more traffic with Retina pics? It blows up the site size for first time a user browse the forum - or not?

I understand you. You have payed a lot for a 5k device. :D ;) I have only a FHD Display in my smartphone, but thats more than enough on such litle screens I think.

If, than a option for retina images would be a good idea - but not as a default setting for all. :)


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I'm only talking about retina images for the avatars. If you use a solution like retina.js, it won't serve the retina image to anyone unless it detects they are using a retina screen.

So, it would be really lightweight, and it would only work with avatars.