XF 1.4 Retaining Settings After Migrating

I am currently configuring XF in a dev folder and trying to learn the ins and outs before migrating my vB3.8 forum to XF. So, how do I retain all the settings I've made? Or do I have to do it all over again? What happens to the user accounts I have created? I don't need to keep any but my own. And finally, should I get the Media Gallery if I want to keep all the albums my members created in vB?


Well, I guess I didn't get off on the right foot. I installed the software in a test folder and set a number of options, imported a style, made a child style and also created a couple of test forums and a category, added a test user and posted some messages. I did read that guide a while back. I should have asked then what database you were referring to when you said take a backup. We're talking about 2 databases, one is my existing vB forum, the other is the test XF forum, which will be abandoned after all my testing and style modifications. The only things I want to take away from the test installation is the customized style and the XF options and add-ons I have implemented.

I guess it's not too late to start all over, but I would hate to loose all the hours I've already put into it. What should I do? I am considering paying to have the migration done for me - someone who is familiar with not only vB3.8, but also vBSEO and can perform all the necessary changes, redirects, etc.



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There are a few options but none of them are ideal.

The first is obviously starting again and taking a backup after the initial configuration but before you create any test content.

The other is deleting all content via the ACP but if you want to retain IDs you will have to reset some of the auto increment values.

Or you could do a new clean install and export/import your style, but you would still have to install and set up all of the add-ons.
It seems as though I make configuration changes to the XF software only after the tests I perform as a user. And the initial install doesn't have the variety of content I need to make all my styling and layout decisions. Is there a way to delete users and content and then reset the auto-increment values? Is dropping certain tables through phpMyAdmin an option?