XF 2.2 Errors after migrating from CentOS to AlmaLinux


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Hi everyone,

Maybe you can shed some light while I wait for backend access to the server after migration from CentOS7 to AlmaLinux.

When trying to post or check anything on the forum getting the following errors:

RuntimeException: GuzzleHttp requires cURL, the allow_url_fopen ini setting, or a custom HTTP handler. in src/vendor/guzzlehttp/guzzle/src/functions.php at line 119

Is there something that can be changed to quickly sort this out so I can reopen the forum?

Many thanks
Hi guys, I now have access to the backend and I can see its enabled, but still same error also Imagick is installed but not enabled either, any ideas how I can resolve this? thanks
Hi everyone,

Since moving OS and upgrading to the latest version of Xenforo now getting these in the logs:
  • ErrorException: Push notification failure: Unable to read from stream src/XF/Error.php:77
Something I should be worried about? Getting quite a few at times, did not get these before.

Many thanks
That is installed for the PHP instance that I am using.
Then check both your firewall and any other "security" functions you have enabled (like ModSecurity).
AlmaLinux is not that different from Cent OS. Are you using a panel or direct CLI access?
Have you actually checked your PHP error logs to see if there is any additional information provided?
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