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after migrating from vb, users show only few post beloging to them

saturday we migrated to xenforo from an old vbulletin 3.8 forum.
Now we have this problem: users were correctly imported, also posts and threads were correctly imported, but when I search for all posts written by a user I find only very few posts, even if the user has thousand of post, and I can read them.
So those posts exist, I find them in threads, and they belong correctly to users .. but when I search for all posts by a user .. I find usually nothing.

Here is an example:
This member write over 60 thousand posts, but Xenforo sadly states "This member does not have any content.".
But here are some posts: http://www.investireoggi.it/forums/...cati-dei-ricercatori.62673/page-5#post2132728
Ok, my developers forgot to put me Superadmin, and I was not seeing many things in the ACP.
This thread can be deleted, I excuse myself.