XF 2.2 Retain content IDs


We are planning to import from [ vbulletin version 3.8.4 Patch Level 2 ] --to--> [ XenForo 2.2.10-Patch-1 ] using the importer found in the customer area.

I saw in the XenForo 2 Manual that there will be an option to "retain content IDs"
What content IDs are included in that?

Specifically, does that option include all of these?
forumid, threadid, postid, userid, attachmentid

Are there any work-arounds, pre-import steps required to retain all of these (forumid, threadid, postid, userid, attachmentid)



I was a little worried about forumid, because on the xenforo demo, I noticed that when I delete the default node 'Main Category' and default 'Main Forum' and then create a new forum, the forumid is 3 rather than 1.

Should we delete the 2 default nodes, leave them be, or doesn't it matter because the importer will use our imported forumids 1, 2, 3 regardless of these default nodes?


Got this error today saying content IDs can't be imported:

The only things we did prior were (1) signing in with the default admin account and looking around (2) deleting the two default nodes using the default admin account, and (3) enabling the smilies

Could one of these actions cause this to occur?