[XFI] Do Not Retain Source User IDs


We've installed a fresh copy of XF2 and we'd like to import the users only from a vB4 forum.
There are deleted users from the source forum so some user IDs are not used.

Is it possible to import the users and assign IDs chronologically filling in the deleted IDs?
Again, the target forum is empty and we have no desire to import posts or anything other than the user accounts
so we're not worried about retaining the original user IDs for consistency purposes.


By content IDs you mean post IDs and such? Yeah that's fine. Just need the user IDs to be imported as 1, 2, 3, and so on even if there's no user ID 2 and other missing user ID numbers in source forum.


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Yes, all content IDs, such as users, forums, threads, posts, etc.

Note that user ID 1 will always be the super admin account created when XF is installed.
This is typically merged with user ID 1 of the forum being imported.

The first two node IDs are also taken with the default category and forum created during installation.