XF 1.1 Restore database


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So I was successfully upgrading my board clone to 1.2 in localhost. But then I was running some trouble. But it was gone right now.

And because of that, I was wondering. I have 2 database. Main and backup. The difference between them is, the backup missing 1 thread. Just 1. So I'm thinking, how to put this missing thread from backup database into the main database?


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You can't, there are too many tables involved.

Just create the thread again, or get the original author to post it again.

Gene Steinberg

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Are you saying there's no way whatever to restore several mistakenly deleted threads from a recent backup? There are far too many individual messages to even hope to have them redone. Once something is deleted, is it history or can it be otherwise restored?

Gene Steinberg

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This sounds like something that would be ideal for an add-on developer to automate. Or something to add to a future version of XF, so threads or forums that have been deleted — or disappeared — for any reason, can be easily recovered from a backup.