Fixed Responsive ACP Menu Icon - Not rendering

Steve F

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Chrome: Version 43.0.2357.132 m

Works in FireFox...

Looks a bit weird in FireFox as well, couldn't this be replaced with the CSS version already in use on the front-end? Just find it to be more consistent than using a font icon that can't be adjusted at all, although probably not an area that is customized much at all if any.



XenForo developer
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What OS (specifically)? Can anyone else reproduce this? (It works for me without issue in Chrome in Windows 7; this looks like Windows to me.)

The CSS/border-based version doesn't work consistently at the needed size across all browsers, OSes, etc.

That said, I'd be interested if people have issues with this character on mobiles/tablets. Desktop OSes aren't really the target for this.