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Respollo 1.0.2

Makes your logo play nicely on a mobile layout with a simple addon!

  1. CyberAP

    CyberAP Well-Known Member

    CyberAP submitted a new resource:

    Respollo - Makes your logo play nicely on a mobile layout with a simple addon!

    Read more about this resource...
  2. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    While this is nice don't see the need to delete the other resource, my preference is one less add-on I'd have to have in my list, especially for less than 10 lines of CSS that can go in extra.css, nevertheless nice work.
  3. CyberAP

    CyberAP Well-Known Member

  4. CyberAP

    CyberAP Well-Known Member

    These changes are hard to keep track of. If you want to do it manually you can always refer to a source post: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/responsive-questions.52925/#post-568864
  5. CyberAP

    CyberAP Well-Known Member

  6. time

    time Active Member

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  7. CyberAP

    CyberAP Well-Known Member

  8. Rudy

    Rudy Well-Known Member

    I haven't fully worked with the logo yet, but the simple CSS to resize the logo to fit the screen width works great!

    One thing that I see is that the reserved width for the logo is still tall. In other words, the logo is scaled down properly but now it has a lot of space, top and bottom. I don't even know if that can be adjusted, as it will be variable based on the multitudes of screen widths. (I also haven't tried yet to see if the remaining CSS posted here will fix this...I'm in the middle of reconfiguring a forum at the moment.)
  9. CyberAP

    CyberAP Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately not, you can't adjust top and bottom space. But you can replace your logo with the same image, only fixed width and height, then enable header fix.

    Add background-size: cover; to miscellaneous section in Mobile logo replacement in order to fit your logo into the box.
  10. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    It fits perfect for me to have that space since clouds float. :p

    Great resource and thanks and thanks again @CyberAP.

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  11. Rudy

    Rudy Well-Known Member

    I didn't know if there was a way to dynamically resize that reserved header block space...I have mine set for 119px, but it makes me wonder if some combination of padding and maybe a percentage height (?) would do what we wanted.
  12. Rudy

    Rudy Well-Known Member

    Well, true, but since my site has nothing to do with clouds, helium balloons, feathers or that blasted cottonwood that is stirring up all of our allergies here, the "floating" of my logo doesn't quite look as good. :D
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  13. CyberAP

    CyberAP Well-Known Member

    You can't do anything about header height. It's positioned absolutely so content top margin (#headerMover) is always a fixed value.
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  14. Rho Delta

    Rho Delta Well-Known Member

    Great idea, but really bad name. No one browsing quickly is going to know what this addon does in my opinion. Maybe use something a little more descriptive?
  15. Matthew Hawley

    Matthew Hawley Well-Known Member

    Is it just big logos that have trouble with responsive?
  16. Matthew Hawley

    Matthew Hawley Well-Known Member

    I think the name is perfect.
  17. CyberAP

    CyberAP Well-Known Member

    This addon also works with small logos.
  18. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    * watching

    Not sure if I need this as I made my logo the right size to fit even an older Sony Walkman Ericsson Phone (the old slider model, not the new smart phone).
    But I do think this is valuable and so I'm going to keep an eye on it.

    Good job, @CyberAP
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  19. mistypants

    mistypants Well-Known Member

    Fantastic add-on! Thanks a lot for this. :)
  20. RoldanLT

    RoldanLT Well-Known Member

    Still works on xf 1.2.0 ?

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