RM 1.1 Resources menu not showing up in navigation

I have a small problem and I'm trying to figure out what I have done or not done. I just installed resource manager version 1.1.2 (xenforo version 1.3.4). Everything looks fine and I can create categories. When I go to the forum home page I don't see "Resources" in the top navigation (next to forum and/or members menu). I can get to it by typing in the url and it works just fine, I can upload a resource. Trying to figure out why it's not showing up in the top navigation.

Pretty vanilla installation, resource manager is the only add-on, no outdated templates/phrases and only 2 minor templates changes (not related to navigation). Ran analyze permissions on my user and I have resource permissions set to yes for everything. Looking at other threads most of the time it was permissions but mine are all set to yes.

Suggestions on what or where to look next?


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You mention that you have no outdated templates, but does that mean you're using a non-standard style? Does it work on the default style?

I'd probably try reinstalling the RM (just reimport the XML) to ensure that everything has been imported correctly.
I am using a custom style. I did change my style to the default and it still did not display. I'll try the reimport of the xml and see if that fixes it.
I re-imported the XML file and still don't see the menu option(s) using the default style. I'm guessing the temp fix is to change the navigation template. Any chance I can get the code to past into that template?


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The tab is added programmatically. There are no edits to the template. At this point, I'd have to ask you to submit a ticket with FTP details so I can look into what's going on in more detail.