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Recently I was trying to add review to one of the add-ons and I figured it's 150 character limit. My review was plain and simple.

Nice add-on. No error or issues found so far. Good luck xxxxx.

Works fine with current version.

Eh 150 char limit. Seems like I just need to add extra words...
Well I received the notice that review has been deleted, no problem. Was asked not to pad extra char, no problem. But my question is why developers are being penalized based on char limit?

Is it really necessary to write essay in reviews? I mean my review was plain and simple.

1. No error/issues = Good quality add-on.
2. Nice add-on - Work's as advertised. Features are already listed. So features work fine as intended.
3. Works with current version = Any admin looking around same time frame understands that it works fine with 1.4.x. Version compatibility is already posted so I don't think I need re-post same thing again.
4. I clearly indicated that I have used it based on "works fine with current version". Do I need to give screenshots as a proof or what?

What else someone is supposed to say for review? Write kiss up lines? What's the sense in forcing char limit to 150.

2 lines or 50 char, I understand but 150 is just too much. I hope it changes in future. I feel like I am just forced to write something which I don't want to.

I feel developers are just being penalized but again that's just my opinion. Less reviews results in less customers trying that add-on. Same like amazon or any shopping site. More reviews get's higher attraction but with char limit less people would be trying it and hence my thought, penalizing 3rd party developers.

Please take char limit into consideration.
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The character limit has already been lowered twice; I don't think it's going to be lowered again.

150 characters is reasonable, and so were the previous two limits, honestly.


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This has been lowered multiple times and the goal is to provide more detailed and relevant reviews. The decision at this point won't be changed.

As this type of discussion usually deteriorates,I am just going to close this now.
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