Not a bug Post Report Error Due To Thread Title Character Limit


We've enabled 'Send reports into forum' so a thread is created when someone uses the report system. But users are receiving character limit error when reporting post with long thread titles. It exceeds the maximum characters for thread titles. So they can't report posts with long thread title. Is it possible to auto-truncate the thread title of the reported post to certain number of characters?
This shouldn't happen so I have moved the thread to bug reports so it can be investigated and fixed if it is determined to be a bug.
The format of the report post thread title is,

Reported content: Post in thread 'original thread title'

So if the original thread title is 60 characters and your character limit is 70 that's gonna exceed the character limit since it would also count the added phrase Reported content: Post in thread '' which is 35 characters including the single quotes.
I cannot reproduce this.

Because creating a thread in this way (via the report system) is "automated" (in that it is triggered automatically through another action rather than a user physically composing a thread in the normal way) we turn off various validations and forcing of constraints.

In this particular case forcing constraints means the title is truncated to the max length.

I've just created a thread title using the full 150 characters and I was able to report it into a forum. The title was shortened to make sure the report prefix was included.

So not sure what you're running into here but the code is doing what it is supposed to be doing in my testing.
We had an addon that sets the minimum and maximum limits for thread title characters which causes the error. We've tried similar addons but all of them return post reporting error so we've decided not to use such addon anymore.
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