Resource Manager

Before I purchase this, Is there a way to only list resources in a certain category? Rather than it list the tabs like "Most Downloads" "Newst Updates" or whatever. Is there a way to just list the resources?

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
I'm not sure I follow, as it does just list the resources; those tabs are sorting options.
I have a feeling they don't realize that those tabs list all of them in each category - just sorted by the option that is chosen.
I do wish there was a simple alphabetical option that could be set as the default. I think it's been suggested in the RM suggestion area so if we get it then some folks would be very happy. :)
Sorry If I was unclear.
What I was wondering is, can resources be listed from a-z, or whatever, without those sorting tabs being there? So when a category is clicked, the tabs are not displayed and it is just an ordered list.