Resource Manager suitability


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I am doing some research into possibly starting a site that will feature how-to articles. There is an existing site (a possible competitor, although they are spiraling downward) which has these articles stickied at the top of the forum area, and I have never liked that arrangement. Easy to reply to, of course, but there is no way to organize it.

Basically it's an automotive site, so things will not only be arranged by model, but also by the generation of that model. DIY articles could be divided by system: electrical, engine, body and appearance, etc.

I have never had a use for the Resource Manager, but would it be at all suitable for this purpose? Is it something ordinary forum users could get the hang of easily? As I don't have a copy to try out, there really is no way for me to see exactly what I can do with it. I realize the idea of "resources" tends to involve downloads, making me think that the Resource Manager might work, but would not be optimal. The bonus is that discussions can remain within XenForo.

My alternate is a WordPress theme called KnowHow, which adds something similar to a Wiki functionality, while being very organized and having a lot of cross-referencing. (It is akin to a knowledge base, actually.) This to me seems to be more suitable, and might actually fit in well because the main site is already being set up in WordPress. The drawback is that commenting would be done in WordPress, and that means discussions are split up in two areas (as I'm already planning to offer a forum).

Has anyone done something similar?


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@MattW that is almost how I would use it, so that's a good example. I posted an article as a test, and it was about the same as making a forum post (including attaching the images).

I like how it works, but there are some limitations in the way. I'll have to do some thinking to see if I can make it work at all. It's close to what I need, but not quite. Maybe 70% of the way there.


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I am trying out that KnowHow WordPress theme at the moment and it is more suited to what we're doing. But the one thing it lacks is a direct link to a forum thread for discussion. And I have had zero luck with any of the XF/WP bridges here.

I am going to see if there are any add-ons for Resource Manager which might be helpful.