Not planned Resource Manager - Newest Resources


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Please add "Newest Resources" to the navtab dropdown on Resources.

Also please make the cutoff on these search results on the Resource Manager a lot more generous. Many people aren't logging in daily to check it.
I suggest the Newest Resources could paginate over at least 5 pages if not more. Otherwise you're only seeing a glimpse of today/ yesterday. Browsing a greater number is pleasurable and interesting.

I would also appreciate some way of separating out the Style resources. Currently almost half shownh in Newest are themes/ styles.
I mean no disrespect to style designers but if you have the style/s you need this is a high proportion of unneeded listings getting in the way.
Not at all sure what could be done. Toggle to include Styles?
In fact a selection list to tick to customise the view of Newest would be wonderful. Tick the categories of interest and the rest don't show.