RM 1.1 Resource manage menu options not displaying results

Hi having this issue where the Resource admin menu has the following problems -:

Resource categories -: after clicking loads page but just the title is displayed

Also get the same for Resource Prefixs and Resource Fields

Not sure when it stopped working but have many fields added :(

To note Resource Manager Optins and Resource Managers do work

Have Restarted the Server - rebuilt cache and permissions and have also run file health check

also seeing the same on Custom Threads Fields...........

The site is working www.mohaaaa.co.uk/aaaa

And existing Resources such as downloads are all working and forum custom thread fields also working.......

Site error log did have these -:
Fatal Error: Call to undefined method Waindigo_CustomFields_Extend_XenResource_Model_ResourceField::getResourceFieldGroupTitlePhraseName()Today at 1:35 AM - library\Waindigo\CustomFields\Extend\XenResource\Model\ResourceField.php:34

I resolved these by updating Custom Fields to 2.03a

But all other admin options working so not sure what is causing this anyone had this before ?

Many thanks Jon



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Try rebuilding the master data from the install path (install/index.php?upgrade/).


Click that button.
Hi many thanks for quick reply - that completed o no errors but same problem but noticed your on 1.3.1 me 1.3.0 so guess its time for an upgrade also


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I would try "upgrading" the resource manager (reuploading the files and reimporting the add-on XML).
Thanks Mike will give that a go also - Just taking a backup and going to upgrade to 1.3.1 and then test and then if still not working will Upgrade RM with clean files
Just waiting to try the update - 1.3.1 (not got access to the updated download from xenforor custom area waiting on my other admin for that)

Attempted as you said Mike all finished ok but still same issue, Its strange as I said as the existing custom fields and resource downloads are working ok on the site also able to create new posts with the fields.............

Just had a thought may be its an issue with the style template although using stock admin

Just replaced all the default styles no luck
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You mentioned having other add-ons that are related. Can you try disabling them? (Basically, all add-ons other than the RM.)
Was getting worried would have to restore - we have backups but as we are migrating done so much work on it.............
Will post what the culprit add on is incase others get this issue