RM 1.1 ResMan 1.1.1 Upgrade Error

Hey Ya

I just upgraded Xenforo to 1.2.4 whcih went well, I then tried to upgrade resouce Manager from 1.02 to 1.1.1 , I FTPed the files to my web server, then attempted to upgrade the add-in, I received an error :


You do not have access to /admin.php

I then disabled the Resource Manager add-in and tried again, same result. I disabled all other add-ins on my Xenforo installation and again tried to upgarde RM, same error occured. I was able to upgarde it in the past, Im kind of at a loss as to why it wont upgrade. Any help \ advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am attempting the upgrade using my Super Mod account which is what I use for all admin tasks on the forum.

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That sounds like a permissions issue on the admin.php file. What is the ownership or chmod permissions on the file?


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Is the error "You do not have access to /admin/php" or "You don't have permission to access /admin.php on this server"?

If the latter then that could indicate a mod_security issue which your host will need to resolve.