XF 1.4 Resize "create new thread" window


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When you create new thread, window where you make your first post is so small. Any chance to resize that window and maybe include in responsive design?



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I don't think it's possible from within Xenforo, that change would need to be made directly to the editor (Redactor).

Though I saw a similar question awhile ago.

@cclaerhout any ideas? :)


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It's related to the .xenForm class, which has a max-width of 800px.

You can increase that but ensure it doesn't affect other elements and layouts.



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@Sunka, @Optic

You need to use the event listener "editor_setup" to customize the editor height on the template "thread_create":

class YourClassDirectory_CustomAddon_ClassName
   public static function editorSetup(XenForo_View $view, $formCtrlName, &$message, array &$editorOptions, &$showWysiwyg)
     if (!$showWysiwyg || $view->getTemplateName() != 'thread_create')
       return false;

     $editorOptions['height'] = "500px";
To create a new event on this listener, go to your board admin panel:
=> Create..., etc.

If you only want to target the max-height, see this.


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Also, it is too much small (wide).
I do not know how to use event listener, I was hoping that small change like edit template or change something in CSS will be enough.
Could someone show complete step by step solution to change wide and height.