XF 1.4 Resetting "watched" thread

Floyd R Turbo

Well-known member
Is there a way (probably through an SQL query) to make all threads that a user has previously posted in become watched?

Our conversion did not carry this in. So all users are no longer watching/subscribed to all the threads they posted in.

Curious if there is a way to do this:

1) by the user
2) for a particular user
3) for all users


XenForo developer
Staff member
There isn't a way to do this in the UI. That said, you can likely do it with a query by selecting the thread_id and user_id from the xf_post table and inserting corresponding records into xf_thread_watch.

Floyd R Turbo

Well-known member
yup that did it. I had to filter it for uniques and run a comparison to the existing watches to weed those out. The result was anyone who has ever posted to a thread is now watching that thread. Better than no one watching any threads at all. Thanks for the tip!!!