Fixed Reset lost password leads to user confusion


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1. Reset user's password through the login page
2. Receive an email with new password
3. Navigate to
4. Change the password for something else

After saving the new password, the page doesn't refresh itself and the fields stay with characters filled in them. Pressing "save" again creates an error that the current password is incorrect since it was already updated. Although it says at the top that the change was saved, the user is still confused since the fields of the current and new password are still filled up.


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I've changed the password page to now redirect after giving the password updated message, thus resetting the form.
This haven't been fixed Mike. If I change the password here in XF community I'm not redirected to any other page, I still in the form page.


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It is redirecting which should reset the form as it's a new page being loaded. That was the only change made.
This issue is still creating confusion on our forum Mike. We get mail via the "contact us" link all the time asking us to set passwords for people because they say that they try, but cannot get their passwords set or changed. Mod logs confirm the confusion. WE know it works, but our "casual" users are coming away confused.

Could you set things to re-direct to the home page of the forum, vs. the same password change page... after a successful PW reset?