Requesting Help: VB4 > Xenforo 1.4/1.5 Migration; Wordpress Bridge/Integration; Add-ons


We are looking for developers who really know both Xenforo and Wordpress well and can help with a number of items. We are willing to work with a few individuals if necessary, so we don't expect any one person to be able to assist with all items (though that would be ideal). Please see the following list (#1 being the highest priority):

1. Migrate a VB4 forum with over 1 million posts into XF 1.4/1.5.
  • Preserve our SEO. We want to setup rewrite rules for our URLs in such a way that we don't lose our SEO.
  • Optimize management of media (optimal image sizes, CDN hosted?, access control).
  • Setup proper SSL.
2. WordPress Bridge and Integration
  • Setup proper WordPress bridge (perhaps with Xenword?).
  • Robust SSO functionality and user data syncing.
  • Setup a WordPress blog and theme (theme to match Xenforo style in use).
  • Figure out a way to promote certain thread posts to the blog without Google viewing the blog entry as duplicated content.
  • Sync responses in a thread with comments in a corresponding blog.
  • Common floating header that works across WordPress and Xenforo.
3. Add-ons, Further Customization and Optimization
  • Apply and lightly modify a Xenforo style. We like a few of the styles from here: Web Design Services | Audentio Design
  • Clubs/Groups add-on: There are quite a few options, we need help figuring out which fits our needs best.
  • Wiki add-on: probably Wiki Vault
  • Marketplace integration: Will probably continue to use Panjo unless there is something we can use through WordPress.
  • Potentially a bunch of additional add-ons and customization dealing with: sponsors/advertisers; question/answer threads; vote-up/vote-down features; tagging/prefixes as a replacement for categories or sub-forums; user post frequency throttling; and more.
Please let me know if you are interested in assisting. We would appreciate if you can provide an description of your knowledge background and perhaps some examples of websites you have worked on.

Many thanks!