Add-on Request: Usergroup based "dofollow" signatures


I've been trying to find a way for weeks now to be able to allow "dofollow" signatures for a specific usergroup. I've found a few methods to set signatures globally, but nothing to just have it set for one specific usergroup.

Is this something that's fairly easy to create?

Chris D

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This should be quite straight forward.

Were you aware that staff posted URLs don't have nofollow set?


Hi, yep - anything from Moderator upwards is do follow, I know. I have some Bloggers in my forum that I want to grant do follow links (I already setup a specific user group for them). Thanks for any hints how to do that!


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I would like to see a forum based permission for this as well, not only group based (either allowing group, or allowing group in certain forums).

Chris D

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It's tricky.

I've seen some code, but I'm not quite sure how to modify it in such a way as to add an additional user group to it.

Moderators and Admins are marked as $user[isTrusted] and the way that they are marked like that is by two columns in the xf_user table which are is_moderator and is_admin.

I will do some experimenting.

This is the line I am talking about:

$user['isTrusted'] = (!empty($user['user_id']) && (!empty($user['is_admin']) || !empty($user['is_moderator'])));
I've had an idea...

If we can somehow add:

$user['user_group_id'] == 10

Into that isTrusted list then we might be onto a winner (where 10 is the user_group_id of your bloggers).

I will see where I get with this...

Chris D

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Nice idea MagnusB.

The code I've just found will not be able to affect posts in a specified forum, but I will look at that if I am successful with this task first.