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XF 1.4 Request Timeout This request takes too long to process

Recep Baltaş

Well-known member

Forum is working perfect but when you try to open a topic or try to save something, you get Request Timeout error.

MySQL version 5.6

We are behind Sucuri proxy but this is happening for the first time. Loading is perfect but saving does not work.


XenForo developer
Staff member
Well they've cut off the top (oldest) queries from there. Those should be very simple, primary key based changes. If those are truly blocking, this would seem to imply that the server itself is having massive load problems.

Recep Baltaş

Well-known member
This was actually a chain reaction. SSD on the server was full and MySQL went down. We had to repair the database. But in the mean time, we lost some attachemnts. We are back on track now. Except a little cache thin, which I will be asking in a seperate thread.