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[request] Help with some sql

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by bogus, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. bogus

    bogus Guest

    Hello. I am running a bnc service and i have a sql partfrom an eggdrop (tcl) that posts new created, deleted, suspended bnc Infos into my forum.
    The problem is now that my coder left us, because of some family things and i want to move all my vb to xf. I hope now to find someone that can help me rewriting the following Code so i can use it for xenForo.

        package require mysqltcl
        proc tosql {ident topic text {ip ""}} {
            global [namespace current]::sqlsettings [namespace current]::writetomysql
            if {!$writetomysql} { return }
            ### CFG
            set forumid $sqlsettings(forumid)
            set tableprefix $sqlsettings(tableprefix)
            set poster $sqlsettings(poster)
            set posterid $sqlsettings(posterid)
            ### HOST
            set host $sqlsettings(host)
            set user $sqlsettings(user)
            set pass $sqlsettings(pass)
            set db $sqlsettings(db)
            # connect
            set con [::mysql::connect -host $host -user $user -password $pass -db $db]
            set con [::mysql::connect -host $host -user $user -password $pass -db $db]
            # first check id thread needs to be created
            set result [::mysql::sel $con "SELECT * FROM `[join "$tableprefix thread" ""]` WHERE forumid = $forumid AND title = '$ident'" -list]
            ::mysql::endquery $con
            if {[llength $result] == 0} {
                # insert thread for actual post
                ::mysql::sel $con "INSERT INTO `[join "$tableprefix thread" ""]` (`threadid`,`title`,`prefixid`,`firstpostid`,`lastpostid`,`lastpost`,`forumid`, \
                `pollid`,`open`,`replycount`,`hiddencount`,`deletedcount`,`postusername`,`postuserid`,`lastposter`, \
                `dateline`,`views`,`iconid`,`notes`,`visible`,`sticky`,`votenum`,`votetotal`,`attach`,`similar`,`taglist`,`autoskip`) \
                VALUES (NULL,'$ident','','0','0','0','$forumid','0','1','0','0','0','$poster','$posterid','','0','0','0','','1','0','0','0','0','',NULL,'0')"
                ::mysql::endquery $con
                # select thread for ident
                set result [::mysql::sel $con "SELECT * FROM `[join "$tableprefix thread" ""]` WHERE forumid = $forumid AND title = '$ident'" -list]
                ::mysql::endquery $con
                # increase threadcount of forum
                ::mysql::sel $con "UPDATE [join "$tableprefix forum" ""] SET threadcount = threadcount + 1 where forumid = $forumid"
                ::mysql::endquery $con
            } else {
                # increase replycount of thread
                ::mysql::sel $con "UPDATE [join "$tableprefix thread" ""] SET replycount = replycount +1 where threadid =[lindex $result 0 0]"
                ::mysql::endquery $con
            # increase replycount of forum
            ::mysql::sel $con "UPDATE [join "$tableprefix forum" ""] SET replycount = replycount + 1 where forumid = $forumid"
            ::mysql::endquery $con
            # insert actual post
            ::mysql::sel $con "INSERT INTO `[join "$tableprefix post" ""]` (`postid`,`threadid`,`parentid`,`username`,`userid`,`title`,`dateline`,`pagetext`,`allowsmilie`, \
            `showsignature`,`ipaddress`,`iconid`,`visible`,`attach`,`infraction`,`reportthreadid`) \
            VALUES (NULL,'[lindex $result 0 0]','0','$poster','$posterid','$topic','[unixtime]','$text','0','0','$ip','0','1','0','0','0')"
            set postid [::mysql::insertid $con]
            ::mysql::endquery $con
            # set bot as lastposter
            # in thread
            ::mysql::sel $con "UPDATE [join "$tableprefix thread" ""] SET lastposter = '$poster', lastpostid = $postid, lastpost = [unixtime] where threadid = [lindex $result 0 0]"
            ::mysql::endquery $con
            # in forum
            ::mysql::sel $con "UPDATE [join "$tableprefix forum" ""] SET lastpost = [unixtime], lastposter = '$poster', lastpostid = $postid, lastthread = '[lindex $result 0 1]', lastthreadid = [lindex $result 0 0] where forumid = $forumid"
            ::mysql::endquery $con
            ::mysql::close $con
            return $result
        proc randsort {list} {
            for {set x 0} {$x < [join "[expr {int(rand()*[join "1 [string repeat "0" [expr {int(rand()*10)}]]" ""])}] 1" ""]} {incr x} {
                set out ""
                foreach item $list {
                    set r [expr {int([llength $out]*rand())}]
                    set out [linsert $out $r $item]
                set list $out
            return $out
        proc vdur {t} { return [expr [string map {"y" "*220752000+" "M" "*18144000+" "w" "*604800+" "d" "*86400+" "h" "*3600+" "m" "*60+" "s" "*1"} "$t+0"]] }
        proc dur {in} { set o ""; set i "0"; set t "220752000 y 18144000 M 604800 w 86400 d 3600 h 60 m 1 s"; while {$in > 0} { if {[set tmp [lindex [split [expr {$in/[lindex $t $i]}] "."] 0]] > 0} { append o "$tmp"; append o [lindex $t [expr $i+1]] }; incr in -[expr $tmp*[lindex $t $i]]; incr i 2 }; return $o }
    Thanks for any help.
  2. Jake Bunce

    Jake Bunce XenForo Moderator Staff Member

  3. bogus

    bogus Guest

    This is no addon... this is a part of a script i use on an eggdrop, which has nothing to do with an addon....
    And why a paid job? maybe i will find someone that is willing to help without thinking about money ;)

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