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Request: Full attachment image/thumbnail on reply.


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You could open the template bb_code_tag_attach find this:

<a href="{xen:link attachments, $attachment}" target="_blank">{xen:phrase view_attachment_x, 'name={$attachment.attachment_id}'}</a>
and below add this:

<img src="{xen:link attachments, $attachment}" alt="{$attachment.filename}" class="bbCodeImage LbImage" />
Save. Test. Works?

Jake Bunce

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That works. But it's not a complete solution. For example, there is no thumbnailUrl that you can use in the case of inline thumbnails.


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Well this works for me for now, and hopefully some time in the future there will be a fully functional addon for those who are not as accepting of half-assing it as I am lol. Thank you both for your help. Once again I am leaving a satisfied customer.