Not planned Request: excluding XF-logos from update packages


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Hey there,

for ease of use - since many use own images as logo, but use the existing default file-name - could it be possible, to have the logo images exlcuded from update packages? As they are already on the server, as defaults or renamed custom-logos, I guess they could be deleted. Would spare the time to remove the files manually before uploading the package to the server - or to upload the custom ones again, when they have become overwritten by the update. Sometimes the difference is only a good cup of espresso before entering the keyboard ;)

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Chris D

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The solution to this problem is to specify a custom value for the "imagePath" style property in your style.

By default, this is styles/default. What you would do is make a copy of this directory and rename it, e.g. styles/mydefault and then update the "imagePath" property to styles/mydefault.

Then whenever you upgrade your customised files won't get overwritten. All you'd have to remember to do is if we update or add any additional images, that you would have to update the copies in styles/mydefault.

There are a couple of things we might not actually ship by default with XF2, or define automatically, such as the Facebook OpenGraph logo, but aside from that there isn't going to be any changes here and you should just follow the advice above.


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Worth noting that the logos have their own style property values so you don't even need to change the image path. Our general recommendation is to use custom paths for the logos. This would apply in general: we would recommend looking for another approach rather than overwriting any default file.