XF 1.5 Repport System


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The report system is really confusing.
I get reports but there is no indication of who made the report or why.
How can I rectify this?
I need to know who made the report and why. Forcing a message with the report would be the best way.
It also needs to say who made the report, it seems some members report their own content, but I don't know how to say that this is the case as there is no "reported by" field?
Can you screenshot the page showing the report?

You can't report content without giving a reason and it shows the name of the person doing the reporting.
The top portion is the content that was reported.

The bottom half are the reports themselves along with any staff commentary. The person reporting gave the reason "I'll do be the best", which doesn't really make sense. Try reporting some content yourself and you'll see how it works more clearly.

If it still isn't something you like, you can set the option to post reports as threads instead.
Ok, thank you. I find that the "report info" would benefit from having a "reported by" field. As time and all other info is displayed there.
I will do some tests, it will probably clarify the functionality better!

I think the member might have mistaken report from reply.. Thats the only way I can make sense of it.
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