Implemented Reports posted to nominated (Moderators) forum


Formerly CyclingTribe
Instead of (or as well as) reports going to the report centre - have them posted into a nominated Moderators forum for general discussion.

When moving from vB3 to IPB with this is one of the things that my moderating team really missed - reports going to the Moderators discussion forum. It literally broke up the moderator team.

When the reports were posted in the forum we could discuss them in the same way we used the board. Since moving to IPB (which has the same system as xF for reported content) it has made the whole moderating team disparate and none of them really like the linear format of it, or the "taking ownership" side of it either.

It was better when we simply "mucked in" together and came to our own conclusions as a group.

Just wondered if this was something you would consider adding to xF at some point in the future?

Shaun :D