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It would be really useful to integrate the "Reports" section, with the post/answer notifications to who can access there. Moderatos and Administrators.
Is there the notification with the red number of the "Reports" open, on the top of the site, so you can see when some one open a report, but is not possible to know if you write (or answer) to that (internal) report, if and when the other components of the staff reply. Something as "Subscribe to this Forum" function. So to see it if is there an answer you have to enter each some time time in each report and is not a good thing if still no one have answered.
Instead if you are informed by the on board notifications, when the other component of the staff have replied, is more simple and fast to talk and follow that report.
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Also to give the possibility to others usergroups as "Supporters" (internal the staff) to access/interact there, would be really useful.
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