XF 1.3 'Method not implemented' error when trying to reply to a thread

I am assuming this is some kind of a phrase issue...

The characters 'ID R' placed at the front of any thread tittle seem to be causing a problem where ever it is posted across the whole site and the thread ends up completely broken. Even Mods and Admin can't edit, post, etc with threads beginning in those characters.

So for example if a member posts a thread titled 'ID Request' it ends up giving an error message and there is no way to edit or do anything besides deleting it using the selected threads drop down menu in the forum list. Even deleting isn't possible from within the actual thread itself.

If you post the same characters within the thread tittle anywhere besides the beginning it turns out fine, no errors or anything. (example: 'Can I post an ID Requests in this forum?' works but 'ID Requests go here?' does not work.)

Do you guys know what could be causing this issue & or how I can fix it?

Attached is a snap shot of the error message that occurs. This time I didn't delete the thread and figured I would try and actually fix the issue.
Thanks in advance!
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This sounds like a mod_security issue.

Contact your host and explain the problem.
They may need to adjust the rules.