As designed Reported User appears as "Unknown Content"


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So, I may have no life when I'm procrastinating work, and as noted I ended up reporting myself to see how it looks / works, only to realize that I forgot I can't deal with the report, so it wouldn't appear. And to prove my point even more, I randomly decided to search reports against me and noticed this:
Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 2.39.00 AM.png

If we look at when I posted about it, this lines up with when I reported myself.

So there is possibly two different issues here:
  • When searching, content that cannot be handled by the user (IE, users) is shown to the moderator that is searching

    - OR -

  • Reporting a user causes an "Unknown Content" report that wouldn't be possible to handle and contains mis-information (N/A for last modified).


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The search does show reports that you don't have permissions to see the details of like that. This is actually intentional. It can help with some statistical information and it sorts out pagination issues. (It did this in 1.2.)

However, this did show something related to reporting staff -- in general, unless you're an admin, you won't be able to see the report (since staff can't be warned or edited by moderators). So in this case, you probably shouldn't be able to report a staff profile directly; staff content is still reportable.