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Reported posts should be indicated on the post


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We sometimes get moderators taking action on a post they have noticed is problematic, without realising that there is already a report about the post that should be responded to and perhaps closed once they take action.

It would be useful if there was a visual indicator on a post to show that it has been reported - perhaps with a link to the report as well.

I seem to recall that vBulletin did something similar to this? Perhaps I'm remembering that wrong.


Active member

Users could see "This post has been reported."

Moderators could see "This post has been reported. View Report."

(I'd also like to see posts that have been reported X or more (adjustable number) automatically get bumped into the the moderation queue so the problem content isn't sitting there visible to everyone until the admin gets home from work or whatever.)


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Yeah, I'm not really keen on allowing (non-moderator) users to see whether a post has been reported or not - although it could be done with a permission setting so we can turn it off if we don't want it.

I'd more think it's a moderator permission.

While I can see an argument for letting users know a post has already been reported to preventing a large number of the same reports - at the same time, I would generally want to avoid the "HAHA YOUR POST GOT REPORTED" kind of response some of the less secure members would inevitably use, or people reporting a post for spurious just to make a point or in a passive-aggressive manner ("I'M GOING TO REPORT YOUR POST SO EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU ARE A TROUBLEMAKER").


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My Report Improvements add-on adds some bits so if you click the delete/report/warn button, it shows you any linked report.

But having this in core would be best