Partial fix Reported content for a deleted forum in inaccessable


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If content is reported, moved to another forum, and then the original forum is deleted. The report becomes inaccessible.

Fairly straight forward consequence of snapshotting the original container of a reported item, without updating it when the content is moved between containers.

I'm unsure of a nice solution for this, but having previous reports and thus history being rendered unviewable is not desirable.
This problems exists without the move part, as deleting a forum will remove the threads within, but the reports will remain (intentionally). Moving the threads does give a theoretical workaround, though that's a separate issue (as we know from

This concept applies to other content types as well. A profile post left for a deleted user for example (which might still be relevant, particularly if it wasn't left by the deleted user). There, there's no workaround possible, although the permissions aren't as granular which creates part of the issue.

Therefore, I think the only real workaround can be skipping permission checks if a report is in a "container" that doesn't exist any longer. I could see a possible issue with this for threads, but it wouldn't be possible to distinguish the situations and I think the "good" outweighs the bad here.
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