Report Statistics

I'd like to add something else to this suggestion (apologies for the necro). Beyond just statistics, it might be useful to see how many reports a specific moderator may have resolved/rejected in a given time period. I searched for an addon to do this, but as far as I've seen, nothing has surfaced.

I currently pay my moderators on a per-report basis. Unfortunately, at this time, I have to hand count how many reports were resolved and tally them up manually. An automated system would really improve productivity.

Apologies if a system like this already exists, I haven't been informed as such.
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@buildblox I've got the raw SQL queries to-do this, and it is in the pipeline to build an add-on for this in the next 1-2 months. Likely will be built into my paid Report Queues add-on.
You can count me down as your first customer in advance ;)
Do you see yourself releasing a beta edition? It would definitely be a help.