Report Queues And Stats

Report Queues And Stats [Paid] 1.3.4

No permission to buy ($45.00)
Thanks, we expect to be purchasing this soon. One last question. We have installed Enhanced Search Improvements. Will "Enhanced Search Syntax" need to be enabled for this to work?
Nope, the 'enhanced search syntax' isn't required. That add-ons is what powers the minimum and maximum warning points linked to a report comment (that is a report comment with a warning logged to it)
The XF2 version of this add-on is currently in a private beta, and will likely be out early in the new year.
Unable to install 1.3.3 on XF 1.5.21
"PHP 7.0.0 or newer is required. 5.6.16 does not meet this requirement. Please ask your host to upgrade PHP"

Product overview states required PHP version 5.6+
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"This add-on requires write permission to directory library/SV/ReportQueues/XenForo/ControllerPublic/Abstract"

@Xon is there a way around this? We do have write access, but its blown away each time a new deploy is done.
I suppose we could manually copy whatever is generated to the site master, though that's a little icky.
The files are auto-generated, so as long as the directory is writable the files can be rebuilt. Could change the directory to be internal_data/code_cache instead, since the internal_data directory also needs to be writable.

The XF2 version implements another method to work-around it.
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