replying to a post and creating thread

When a member, including myself, creates a post or replies to one, the message sends but they have no idea it did. The message is still displayed in the message box as if it hasn't sent and the screen shows thats its still "thinking" i guess you would call it. When you refresh the screen you can see you posted the message, yet the message is again still in the text writing box as if you haven't you sent it.


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This could be due to a JavaScript issue.

Does the same issue occur with all add-ons disabled and in a completely default style, with all custom JS removed (including ads)?
Yes, i completely cleared all my customer colors and also removed ads and it worked. Just bummed that I lost all my colors. Thanks for helping me though.
Yes it was... even now if I place ads in the threads it will not work correctly. I guess the forum will look more cleaner without ads in the threads anyways.