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Jake Bunce

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Not with a quote. Just something to allow you to quickly tag a user that is present on the page would be nice.


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So you'd hit 'Reply with tag' and it would push their username into the reply box and place your cursor after, like this:


Jake Bunce

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Hmm, now I'm not sure I like this idea. Scrolling to a post to click the tag seems not necessarily appropriate since the tag relates to the user and not the post.

The idea is that it's slightly inconvenient having to type the username. But I guess that's what auto-complete is for.


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It looks that even here we already using @ Tag instead of quote, it looks a more clean way to discuss if we want to discuss something but we also want to reply to other X person without having several quote bars. :)


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I quite like the idea.

Adding the tag add-on to my site made a massive difference to block quoting and quoting to alert someone.
I even had to tell people to stop doing it as there was more quote content than actual content on every page.

So having Tag next to Reply may help even more with that.
What would say not to have another thing in thread but use the little nickname under the post for that? It would be inconvenient at first as anything new but users will learn it.


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The user name is already under the post.

If you have to explain to users how to use/find something then it's not going to work.

To avoid any ambiguity and confusion, just using the word Tag is the way to go.
It would be a phrase so could be translated to suit.

Chris D

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It's still not really consistent for the same reasons mentioned in the other thread. Usernames always link to the member's profile. That shouldn't change.

All the other links in that area are used as controls. Therefore it completely fits to have an additional link next to "Reply" which is simply "Tag".


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Actually, I just tried a few scenarios related to this and I don't think it will work in the majority of cases.

Rarely do you tag someone at the start of a post so you either click Tag and reposition the cursor in front of it and start typing, or, you start typing, scroll up, find the post/user, click Tag, scroll back down again, and resume typing.

It's going to be quicker just to type @... in most cases I suspect.
That Taggy thing is not working with the nicks that have a space in it, second how offten do you keep in mind someone username? Spelling of that?