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We are working on a style to release since we lost our vBulletin styles after the move and are currently just using the default XenForo style.

However, in our custom style, I noticed when you hit the Reply link, you are instantly taken to the advanced editor as if you had clicked More Options.

Any ideas?
This has been resolved.

@Nights will be able to post the resolution next time he's on.
It was an issue I ran into with the quick reply template. I had to do a lot of custom work to get our avatars the way they are (being big in your post and small next to the quick reply box). I made an error in a line of code that confused XenForo into trying to read a template that didn't exist thus the error with the quick reply/quote feature. It's not something that's going to be common among users because as I said it was an error on my part due to custom coding. For regular XenForo customers this shouldn't be a problem.