XF 1.4 Replacing vb and xF logos

Forgive me if I don't use the proper terminology here.

So if I'm looking at this forum, up at the top left of the page I have a tab and it shows the xF logo. On our website we're still showing the vB logo. How do I get that replaced? I'd like to have a small logo of our own but I'll be happy with the xF logo.

Also (question 2) I want to replace the xenForo logo (top left side) with our own and I followed the directions Brogan wrote (can't find that link now but it was Styles-defaly-style property group-header and navigation). I loaded our logo onto the server but our logo is not showing. Maybe it's too large?

This is the size.

Confused at this point, but not unusual for me. Thanks for your help.


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The little icon you're referring to is the favicon.ico file in the root of your domain. You can simply replace this file with the image you want to use (keep it small). Note that your browser may cache it so you won't see a change instantly.

As for your logo, you need to make sure you enter the correct path to your logo, based on where you uploaded it. It's returning a 404 error right now (with the value styles/default/xenforo/logo1.gif).
Thank you Mike. ....favicon....the more I live in a country where English is not a first language the more English I forget. Anyway, logo problem fixed.

Now I have to figure out the favicon thing. I can't even figure out the path it's taking after playing around with it for a while today. I'll try Jake's idea....tomorrow.
I can't even figure out the path that it's taking to get the vB one. It's strange that it did not pick up the xF one in the conversion.


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A favicon is not imported - you need to upload one to your server, assuming there wasn't one already in place.

It's unrelated to XenForo (or VBulletin), it's just a file which browsers use to show a small graphic.
Well I loaded it into some good place, somewhere. Also ran Ccleaner and cleared out the cache and voila! that seems to have done the trick.