As designed replacing image attachment using the toolbar on image keeps the old image as attachment

Affected version


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searched for an existing thread on this. couldn't find. i can only assume this is intentional behavior. i still wanted to post this.

step to reproduce...
  1. start a new thread/post. attach an image. insert that image in the post.
  2. edit the post. click on image. check the toolbar that appears at the bottom.
  3. click on the replace button on that toolbar. upload a fresh image.
what happens...

embedded image attachment is replaced with new image. old attachment however remains attached to the post.

what is expected...

xenforo should delete the old image as the terminology used is replacement?


Chris D

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Just because you are replacing the image in the editor, doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t want to use that image later on.

You may have simply attached the wrong image in the wrong place but you intend to use that image later.

So replace in this context is about replacing the editor contents and it doesn’t aim to otherwise change what has been uploaded.