Reorder poll options. Random order. Results order by most popular.

Stuart Wright

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I would like to see the ability to reorder the items within polls.
Once a poll with lots of options has been set up, it is very long winded to then add a new option near the top.
And once the poll has started, adding an option means it has to go at the bottom.
So I would like the admin ability to reorder poll options. Drag and drop would be nice.

Also I would like to suggest displaying the poll options in a random order when able to vote. This removes any potential bias towards the items at the top.

And I would like an option to display the results
  • alphabetically (i.e. ORDER BY response)
  • by the number of votes and then by option text alphabetically (i.e. ORDER BY response_vote_count DESC, response)
Please like this post if you would like to see these poll improvements.
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