Not a bug Reopen request: Non-English characters in category URL

I tried to creat a category named "Cập nhật" (Updates in Vietnamese) and the url slug became "cập-nhật.1" in AdminCP, which is correct (but I prefer "cap-nhat.1")

However, in the forums list, it became "cp-nht.1" (characters lost)

In Vietnamese, there are few characters that have two type of accents in them, for example: ẫ ắ...

I include here a mod by someone else I looked up on the Internet, that requires code editing and I don't want to do that.

Questions are:

1. Will you take a look at this problem, "ậ" stay the same is by designed, although I prefer it turn into "a", I will not argue but losing it completely is not acceptable.
2. In the mean time, is there anyway I can override the function getTitleForUrl in XenForo_Link and creat an add-on so I don't have to edit xenForo file?


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If you want to use a hash for category links, they have to contain only basic ASCII characters, or they don't work. This is necessary, because we do not have a romanization for that character - you can manually modify the UTF-8 library to fit your needs if you wish.

If you enable pages for categories you won't have this issue.
I will have to disagree. But I understand you have something more important to focus on, so please think about what I have to say later, I'm not trying to be a whiner here.

If some of your customers (for example, Vietnamese boards admins) are forced to use some work around (like in this case, have to use categories as pages which I -- and I know some -- don't want to) that other users (English boards admins) don't, that is a bug in my book.

The limitation may lies in PHP or other library (or libraries) that xenForo depends on, I truly understand that, but that shouldn't be the excuse when you can fix it in your code.

This code can't not be overridden (AFAIK) because it lies in XenForo_Link, so an add-on can't be created. (1)

This problem won't affect many users, anytime soon, so that may not be on your priority list. (2)

From (1) and (2), I think you should take a look later and either implement an ability to override this XenForo_Link class, or implement the "fix" yourself.

PS: Some people like me want to use pure latin characters in the URL which is not possible atm, although it's by designed it's broken in IE (so I heard), this fix I'm proposing solve their problem too.

Thank you for taking your time answering me, it's an honor for me to be answered directly by a dev of the product I use.