XF 1.2 Removing the 'required' bit from custom field?


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I added 2 custom fields, first and last name.
I would like to remove the 'required' part and add it manually into field description, to make the registration form uniform:
First Name: [ ]
Required <-- I would like to remove this part
Your first name is required, i.e. John or Jean-Philippe. Once set, this cannot be changed.

Last Name: [ ]
Your last name is required, i.e. Doe. Once set, this cannot be changed.

Date of Birth: [ ]
Your date of birth is required.
For a live example, please check the registration form to see what I mean:

While playing with the custom fields, I noticed this behavior: If I select the Required option, the field will not display into registration form unless the Editable option is checked. I presume this is the way to disable a field, while preserving the previous data (untick Editable).


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Thank you for the tip. I added in EXTRA.css:
dl.ctrlUnit dfn
    display: none;
My goal is to use the first and last name (instead of username) into threads, profile, etc.
Any tips on how to make available the 2 custom fields into templates?