Removing RSS feed buttons


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Is there a template edit or something we can do to remove the RSS feed buttons from our forum? Some of our staff are concerned that it's a safety risk for our forum - with survivors of abuse, some of our members are still in abusive situations and covering their web-surfing tracks is important... abuser finding out you've been talking about stuff online = very bad consequences, and so we were wondering if there's a way to disable/remove the RSS feeds?


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The RSS feeds follow the same permissions as the forums so if the forums are blocked to unregistered users then so are the RSS feeds.


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I'll admit I don't really know anything about RSS feeds, so I'm completely ignorant of how they work etc.

A lot of our members aren't very computer savvy and do still live with their abusers and we try to do what we can to protect them, but some of our staff are worried that members might click on the button, without knowing what it does, and the forum stuff will be added to the feed in their browser, which could be accessed by someone else in the house using the same computer. (I don't really know what I'm talking about but some of our staff voiced concerns about it because of the very real safety issues of some of our members) So that's why we were wondering about removing it completely, so we don't have to worry about it.


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Thanks Brogan, I appreciate you looking into it for us. :)

Code edits would be okay as long as someone can tell me what needs editing etc.